Substance Abuse

I promise you that everything I say in this blog everything I will stand by vehemontly, except for the word vehemothly because I’m not really sure what it means.  Anyways, the first topic I wanted to discuss is substance abuse.  I recently ran into a major problem with substance abuse, I would verbally berate liquors referring to them as, “pussy shit” or claiming that it “tastes like shit”.  I even had the audacity to mock certain alcohols calling that it’s a bitch drink or “I fucking hate tequila”.  We all need to stop abusing our substances, just because liquor isn’t a conscious being doesn’t make it okay to break a bottle in a bar fight to stab someone.  The exception to the rule is if that person is Kevin Blakley who lives at 1432 James street.  He knows what he did.  If everyone does their part, I’m sure we can end substance abuse all together!  Liquor since I am seeking redemption for my actoins, I’d like you to appologize for making that grotesque walrus look like Carmen Electra.  This doesn’t just stop with liquor, most of the substance abuse refers to drugs use.   I am not saying there is anything wrong with injesting all the drugs in longs drugs, aside from perhaps the unavoidable death, but can we please at least give the drugs a little credit before consumption?  Substance abuse is the third biggest problem in America behind reality television and making up problems in America.  We must band together and stop this substance abuse so remember, “do it right, compliment the liquor and abuse your wife”.


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