I’ll tell’em soulja boy

I am just going to go out on a limb and take a very radical stance by saying I am not too fond of Soulja boy.  If anyone of soulja boy’s fans could read, I’m sure they’d be quite angry at me.  I wish I didn’t feel like this but I cannot change the way I am without putting forth some effort.  I mean, he did not even take the time to look up the correct spelling of soldier, that’s just embarrassing.  I could spell soldier right in 4th grade and while I’m bragging, I also held hands with Sally Sherlem (I didn’t really).He also isn’t even a real soldier so his misspelled name is also false advertising.  Unlike Bush supporters, I do not like being lied to (Bush probably read that, thanks patriots act).  On top of that, his super hip ultra cool mega awesome soulja sun glasses have writing on them that does not make them very functional in today’s society.  My beautiful nose will never be the same after trying to be cool like soulja boy and writing on my sun glasses then walking into a wall.  In all fairness, I’m Jewish so my elephantesque nose is quite hard to manuever with.  By the time I actually get someone to read these blogs, I hope to have a little something to offend everyone.   Anyways back to the story at hand, I also do not like how he calls himself soulja boy oppose to soulja man or soulja of fortune.  He is over 18 which makes him literally a man, calling yourself a boy is more false advertising.  Maybe you should call yourself soulja liar (I thought of that by myself) or since you can’t spell soulja stupid (HAHAHAH GET IT?) because that is what you are.  The only actual ties Soulja boy has with the military comes from them playing his cd for G-bay tortue.  Oh yeah, his music is not all that amazing either.


One Response to “I’ll tell’em soulja boy”

  1. Magical Fairy Dust Says:

    “Soulja boy up in this hole..
    Watch me crank watch me roll..
    Watch me do that soulja boy,
    Now superman DAT hoe.”

    …… LOL. I must agree with you, It is the lamest song ever.
    Im suprised you didnt touch on the dancing, either.
    -attempts soulja boy dance with soulja boy sunglasses-
    -falls over-

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